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GEMM Productions is an innovative and market-oriented company that unites unique global brands to seamlessly blend form and functionality. Our shared passions drive the creation of iconic equipment that sets the standard in the Middle East. From in-depth research for children's equipment to collaborating with golf professionals for adventure golf courses, our expanding product range prioritizes excellence to aid clients in thriving within today's competitive business landscape.

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Explore our Range collection, featuring timeless classics and innovative creations. Discover Jukeboxes, crafted in the spirit of the 1950s and 60s but equipped with modern audio technology, offering automatic music updates. Immerse in 80s nostalgia with Retro Arcade machines, blending cutting-edge technology with retro aesthetics for commercial spaces. Our lifestyle products, from partners Extreme Lounging and RS Barcelona, introduce unique hand-made pieces to the GCC, combining contemporary design with functionality.

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Competitive Socialising

GEMM Productions pioneers innovative ways to connect and engage guests in the UAE's fast-paced evolving hospitality landscape. Our competitive socializing products empower partners to ignite enthusiasm and generate buzz through direct participation. We provide tailored solutions to enhance F&B operations, retaining and exciting existing patrons while attracting new audiences.

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