Master Your Favorite Sports With Sports Simulator

Step into the world of sports simulators, where you'll find the most advanced system with over 60+ playable sports. Our multi-sports indoor simulator is the world's most comprehensive, offering a unique and interactive sporting experience that keeps your venue popular year-round, even during the scorching UAE summer months. Elevate your venue and ensure it remains a top choice for entertainment.

Surround Screen Sports Simulator

Experience the Sports Simulator – a unique way to enjoy today's sporting events from famous venues worldwide. Our Surround Simulator offers a variety of major ball sports, making it perfect for family entertainment at shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and leisure facilities. Fun for all ages and abilities with hundreds of game challenges in over a thousand sporting venues 


Single Screen Sports Simulator

Advanced Hardware for Accurate Tracking

Our golf simulators utilize cutting-edge photometric tracking technology, featuring a high-speed USB camera system to precisely capture club and ball movement. With a recording capability of up to 200 frames per second, this camera-based system accurately measures club swing path, face angle, impact speed, launch angle, ball direction, spin, and hit factor. 


Our infrared lighting technology boasts over 50,000 hours of low-maintenance operation, providing optimal illumination for accurate swing and ball flight detection without visible light interference. Experience a brighter, clearer, and sharper projected image for an enhanced player experience




Ice Hockey










Photometric Tracking Technology

Extensive Range of Playable Sports

Our sports simulator offers a diverse range of over 60 sports, including Football, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, and more, providing an immersive experience for sports enthusiasts.

Player Data Analysis and Comparison

Coaches can analyze and compare player performance across various training game challenges, allowing them to create targeted training sessions. Managers can assess player performance, ensuring the team is at its best on match day. Player data is stored and can be compared, helping players improve and teams achieve better results

Infrared Lighting Technology

Sports Simulator now offers Cities, Habitats & Themes in its software package, including Dubai, London, New York, and Paris cities, along with Desert, Forest, Polar, and Range habitats, and themed environments for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Jurassic settings