Rotating Climbing Wall

Introducing our innovative rotating climbing walls that seamlessly bring the exhilaration of outdoor climbing into indoor spaces. Designed for effortless installation and plug-and-play convenience, these walls are an ideal addition for schools, gyms, hotels, resorts, and recreation centers seeking to elevate their entertainment offerings. Whether you're an experienced climber preparing for your next challenge or introducing the thrill of climbing to the younger generation, our walls cater to all. With adjustable speed settings and inclination angles, individuals of all ages and skill levels, from novices to seasoned pros, can partake in this exhilarating activity. Transform your facility into a climbing haven with our versatile walls.


Similar to our Rotating Climbing Wall, the LadderPro offers a plug-and-play experience with variable speed and pitch adjustments. Instead of traditional climbing holds, climbers ascend ladder rungs. Additionally, the rear side of the wall features a pull-up bar and tricep dip station, optimizing floor space usage. Perfectly suited for gyms and CrossFit enthusiasts, our diverse range of models ensures compatibility with any environment. Whether climbing solo or competing against a partner, the LadderPro offers an exciting challenge. Safety is paramount, and our walls incorporate optical sensors to prevent rotation if a climber's limb descends below the safety threshold, ensuring a worry-free experience.


All our free-standing climbing walls are designed for easy transportation in and out of various venues, including auditoriums, making them a versatile addition to PE classes. We invite you to find a child who isn't excited to see these walls in action. Climbing is a captivating sport that not only tests physical abilities but also encourages strategic thinking, teaching full-body coordination, patience, and the value of perseverance. Climbing is inclusive, welcoming children of all sizes and abilities, from novice to pro. Our hope is that they not only develop a passion for climbing but also carry the valuable lessons learned on the wall into their adolescent years. With children's innate sense of adventure and adaptability, we may even be nurturing future Olympic champions.


Our self-supported, freestanding climbing walls eliminate the need for hard point installation. An optical sensor ensures safety by halting wall rotation when a climber's limb nears the threshold. Wall rotation is initiated by the climber's body weight, with adjustable speed settings. Climbers enjoy a safe experience with a maximum fall height of less than 1 meter, cushioned by thick climbing crash pads, regardless of their climbing progress.

Our Support

If you have any questions about our climbing walls, require installation assistance, or need safety training, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist you.