About us

Our Journey Since 2009

Since our inception in 2009, GEMMProductions has grown significantly. Collaborating with top designers on groundbreaking projects, we are committed to supporting the entire project lifecycle. While we primarily focus on Music, Entertainment, and Design, our holistic approach aligns with your unique vision. Whether boosting F&B sales, managing traffic, or creating unique products, our designs serve your operational goals.

Value-Driven Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions with extensive experience and tailored schemes within your budget. Our streamlined approach minimizes intermediaries, ensuring a comprehensive and budget-friendly service.

Creative Excellence

Our innovative design team emphasizes the "wow factor" while considering long-term maintenance. We are your one-stop dream factory, capable of turning your vision into reality and providing ongoing maintenance.

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe in collaborative partnerships, often engaging in value engineering and handling multiple projects concurrently. With us, you have a dedicated partner committed to your success across various venues and spaces.

Peace of Mind

Clients choose us because they feel comfortable working with us. We are conscientious, straightforward, and backed by an exceptional team.

Boosting Revenue

Our designs create an inviting ambiance that attracts and retains guests, increasing dwell time and generating ancillary revenue. Your venue becomes known for prioritizing the overall customer experience.