The Power of Play 

By uniting our expertise with a deep appreciation for children's play, we craft impactful products that metamorphose any space into a child-friendly haven. Our mission centers on fostering a sense of joy and well-being in children, allowing them to embrace their true selves. This is why IKC delivers play value on a global scale, catering to diverse locations, budgets, and preferences. Our offerings extend beyond mere child happiness; they translate into increased revenue, greater footfall, enhanced customer loyalty, and a more tranquil ambiance. We refer to this as the transformative influence of play, and it's what sets us apart.

Kids Zone Collections

Trusted by Many

There are thousands of IKC play systems and units installed across the globe, bringing joy to children (and relief to parents!)

The Kids Zone Sectors

Key Benefits

Our play equipment is designed to endure the chaos created by kids while maintaining high hygiene standards. It's easy to clean, requires minimal maintenance, offers excellent security, boasts robust construction, features vibrant and appealing designs, and, most importantly, guarantees endless fun!

Safe And Hygienic Areas

We prioritize the safety and hygiene of play areas for your youngest visitors. Our designs consider the challenging environments where children play. Our play concepts feature safety and hygiene at their core. They are easy to clean, certified by SGS, vandal-proof, contain no loose parts, and are finished with anti-bacterial, scratch-resistant paint. With our play corners, your young visitors can enjoy years of safe and enjoyable fun