SL15 Digital

The greatest jukebox ever made – redefined for the digital age

The unique styling of this classic machine pays homage to the iconic Wurlitzer jukeboxes from the 1940’s. Each wooden cabinet is hand formed in a single piece to ensure the integrity of the cabinet and resonance of sound. The champagne-dancing bubble tubes are encased in tough polycarbonate, the same material used in police riot shields. Due to their size, the solid aluminium side castings, base and speaker grill are chrome plated at the Jaguar car manufacturers in England. These are just some of the stunning features that adorn each machine.

Synonymous with quality and craftsmanship the Digital SL15 has been manufactured to house Sound Leisure’s unbeatable range of digital technologies.

The cabinet has been re-engineered to include a bespoke 6-way speaker system that when married with the 4-Channel digital Amplifier, produces a thunderous sound. And, the SL15 can easily be incorporated into your in-house sound system with a single standard audio cable from your existing amplifier.

In addition to stunning sound and the latest PC technology, the ‘Diamond Pack’ LED lighting system comes as standard. This system has been designed inhouse by Sound Leisure and is low heat, low watt and SUPER BRIGHT for maximum effect. In fact, our Diamond Pack is so unique that it was taken as part of a study to see how they worked!

Combining the timeless styling of our classic range with the power of our Milestones in Music digital platform (subscription required) has produced the Digital SL15. The vast music vault has over 30,000 tracks spanning more than six decades and you will also love the exclusive Official Chart Company content - that delivers all the latest chart and album releases twice a week - which is exclusive to our range of Sound Leisure digital jukeboxes.

The SL15 can be set to ‘Free-Play’ or you can take advantage of the coin mechanism. We can provide GEMMProductions stock tokens for use with the jukebox or, we can custom make and brand tokens for you.

Guest can simply select their favorite tracks thanks to the easy to navigate touch screen. You can search by music genre, artist name, song title or even special date making search and selection both enjoyable and entertaining.

Our digital range really is the ultimate music library. If you can’t find your tunes in the music vault just let us know and, if we can pay royalties on it, it will be downloaded direct to your jukebox.

All of our digital jukeboxes require a hard wire internet connection and music subscription to ensure your continued music updates.

The Digital SL15 highlights the skills that a 40+ year heritage of hand building jukeboxes brings. These high standards of build quality ensure that a Sound Leisure jukebox from GEMMProductions is a sound investment that will reward you and your venue’s guests with years of enjoyment

If you are looking to tailor your woodwork to match your décor or include your name on your jukebox, please give us a call to discuss your ideas or visit our Custom Shop for inspiration!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is custom built to order. This may affect your rights as a consumer. Please consult our Terms and Conditions for more information.


  • Width = 950mm

  • Height = 1550 mm

  • Depth = 650 mm

  • Weight =130 kg

note: key entry is on the right hand side of the machine

Soundjack Enabled

There’s a new way to play music – soundjack it
soundjack is a brand new app that lets you to pick and play the music you love in a venue using your smartphone. Everybody should to be able to control the music that matters to them in the places where they drink, shop and eat. Whether it’s The Pixies down the pub, Sade at the shops or Britney in a burger bar, there’s only one person in control – you. The SL15 Digital Jukebox is compatible with soundjack.

Video & Audio or Audio Only

The SL15 Digital is available with Milestones in Music (MIM) or Milestones in Music AV technology. This enables 30,000 standard audio tracks including every Top 40 chart track since 1952, with access to over 4 million tracks on demand. In addition the AV version holds every top 10 video since 1980. Mjusic is updated twice weekly with all the latest Chart & Album releases.

UK's Official Singles Chart

Available exclusively on Sound Leisure Digital Jukeboxes the SL15 Digital Jukebox is powered by the most comprehensive music database available anywhere. The chart is updated weekly via WiFi connection where available so you will always be up to date with the freshest sounds! Combine this with access to millions of tracks from hundreds of genres, classic and new albums and the ability to profile tracks to allow or disallow certain tracks at certain times of day and the versatility of the SL15 Digital can clearly be seen.

Under the Hood

  • Exclusive use of The Official UK Singles charts from 1952

  • Exclusive use of The Official UK Albums Charts

  • Modern compact styling

  • Simple customer interface

  • Onscreen Advertising

  • 15” touchscreen with Screen Seal technology

  • Managers menu gives access to venue features – ‘What’s On’ guide, Allows manager to program upcoming events and displays them on the touchscreen or any connected screens (AV only)

  • Dynamic Photo Display – Allows venue’s and customers photo’s to be displayed on the touchscreen

  • Sports Advert Creator – Display upcoming games, includes logos for all major football, rugby and cricket teams.

  • Free Bingo and Quiz with professionally recorded audio content

  • Easy to use ‘Engineers Menu’ for quick setup and easy operation

  • 15 Programmable Background Music Timers

  • Programmable ‘Happy Hour’ timers for reduced price of play

  • Dynamic Track filters to hide/remove unsuitable content

  • Full USB Data retrieval/remote data retrieval via OpWeb

  • 4 Channel digital Amplifier featuring Bang & Olufsen ICE power modules

  • 2 Auxiliary Inputs and 1 Output

  • Microphone Facility

  • OpWeb Compatible

  • Large Cash box

Jammed with features in a beautiful box!

The 1015 Digital Jukebox allows your venue to benefit from not only the latest UK Chart music available, but a wide range of genres and classic albums too!

What’s more, The 1015 cabinet is made with the same care and attention to detail as our range of Classic Jukeboxes. Fully hand built one piece cabinet, bubble tubes encased in tough acrylic (the same as used on police riot shields) and solid metal and chromed castings!

All the Official Chart Hits

30,000 internal tracks including the Official UK Top 40 Singles Charts and the Official Uk Top 10 Albums Charts.


The Dynamic Photo Display allows you to upload photographs via a memory stick and display them as images on the touchscreen. Great advertising!

Rapid Profiling

Select which tracks users are able to play. Keep your venue free from inapropriate of offensive material. This works with both internal and on demand tracks.

Weekly updates

Weekly online updates including all the latest official chart and pre releases.


integrated pub quiz & bingo applications // diverse on-screen advertising features // programmable ‘What’s On’ event diary // advert wizard for football, rugby and cricket matches (including team Logo’s) accessed through a secure managers menu to control jukebox features…

GEMMProductions @ 2019