We make waiting fun!

Developed specifically for little hands and enquiring minds.

We create totally unique play corners.

GEMM Kids is the specialist in tough commercial-grade in-venue kids’ entertainment. Providing commercial play solutions across Abu Dhabi, Dubai & the Northern Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and the wider Middle East region.

Designed for use anywhere, either freestanding or fixed, our unique range of kids indoor play equipment is used in airports, hospitals, dentist surgeries, car showrooms, malls, hotels, and retail spaces. In fact anywhere where children need to be engaged and entertained safely.

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Why Choose Us


There are thousands of IKC play systems and units installed across the globe, bringing joy to children (and relief to parents!)

Our clients include: Ikea, Burger King, H&M, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Al Futtaim Health Hubs, Hilton Hotels, KFC, Geneva Airport, Carrefour, NHS, Manchester Airport.


Designed specifically with the mayhem that kids can create in mind, and with the knowledge of the harsh demands our equipment must withstand.

In addition to this, we also make sure your play equipment is: Hygenic and Easy to clean, Low maintenance, Secure, Robust, Bright and appealing, and most of all FUN!

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About GEMM Productions Kids Zone Commercial Play Solutions

GEMM Productions is the Middle East’s sole distributor of the IKC range of commercial-grade children's play solutions.

Acting in partnership, GEMM Productions brings a truly unique range of tough gaming solutions to the region. Developed specifically for children aged 2 – 12 years old we can meet the specific needs of our customers and clients. All IKC products are researched, designed are developed in Holland.

We have combined our knowledge and our understanding for the way children play to create powerful products that transform any area in your organisation into a child-friendly environment. We aim to ensure that our creative and educational play concepts create an immersive experience so that children can just be themselves.

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Safe And Hygienic Areas For Your Youngest Visitors

When we design we understand that we are dealing with the toughest of environments where children's play is concerned.

Safety and hygiene are central elements of the design and development of our play concepts. Our play systems are easy to clean, contain no loose parts, and are SGS certified. They are also vandalism-proof, contain no loose parts, and are finished with an anti-bacterial, scratch-resistant paint.

With our play corner, your young visitors are guaranteed years of safe FUN!

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