"If you’re looking for something new and innovative for your business you have to try this product. I put a unit in my business and its uniqueness has my customers talking about my place to their friends and is bringing them back for repeat business."

Matt G

11 months ago

"Hear nothing but good things about this from friends who’ve seen it in London bars."

Jo MacSween

11 months ago

"I’ve had these games in the Gents toilets and they are immensely popular with my customers, they are a great talking point and the games are brilliant, the recent tank game was a great hit and the rugby one was great too. Not only are they great fun but when they are advertising something we sell like Captain Morgans our sales double."

Nick Hil

11 months ago

"A very successful marketing tool. Easy to use & obviously ‘right in the customers faces’! They just cannot miss the message!"

Holsten GSD

11 months ago

"Customers love the games and comparing scores! Our games are the talk of the town."

April Stone

11 months ago

Patented sensors inside the screens allow visitors to control eye-level video games just by aiming left or right in the bowl! Naturally, guys love it … And, will tell a friend about their visit!

And between games? Your own branded promotions. Hey presto – customer referrals and boosted sales!

Urinals for sale? Not here : WizGmes fits above existing bowls or urinal troughs so you won’t need a plumber. And this talking point changes every month! Check out Bustin’ Tanks or the 100ml Dash on our Games Page



Hit the urinal targets to beat the goalie – perfect entertainment for World Cup viewers! Can be adapted for sponsors too, with multiple places to insert branding.


One Irish pub hit the headlines with this simple Donald Trump urinal. Go one better with our award-winning election game, where players ‘cast votes’ in a worldwide poll!


It’s August 1944 and you control a Sherman tank, returning fire as Panzer IV’s emerge from Caen’s misty ruins. Firing live ammo – it doesn’t get any better! Credit to for the inspiration

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