Faux neon. Fake neon. Neon LED. Whatever you want to call it, this is a great option for events, festivals, TV and set design where logistics can be a problem and breakage can be a concern.

Being just as beautiful as traditional glass LED neon is environmentally sustainable, consuming 70-90% less energy than traditional glass neon lighting. With an average lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours LED Neon represents an environmentally friendly solution for the planet. And, keeping electricity consumption to a minimum, is a lot easier on the pocket.

LED neon also has the advantage of being robust and low voltage, dimmable and able to work off DMX. Suddenly all those places you dreamt of putting neon but never could are now possible.

How do I commission my own LED neon light?

01 – Brief us

Share your ideas with us.

02 – The design

Whether you’ve got a rough idea of what sort of led neon sign you’d like or whether you’ve got a detailed spec, send it through to us.

03 – The options

We’ll discuss some of the finer details with you to make sure we get your neon exactly as you want it. Some important considerations with led neon signs are: Stroke-width, Colour and Animation. LED Neon is fully controllable through DMX and we can do the hard work for you or you can programme it yourself. Finally the Mounting. Perhaps you’d like it mounted onto a powdercoated aluminium trough or you’d prefer it mounted to clear acrylic so you can see the brick wall behind.

04 – Confirmation

Once you’re happy with the design and the price, then we’ll start production.

05 – Delivery

We’ll arrange a suitable time for delivery

06 – Installation

Most LED Neon lights don’t need specialist installation as they’re ready to hang up and plug straight in.

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