Label Magic Title Card Software

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Label Magic CD &Vinyl Title Card Software

Sound Leisure's Label Magic software completely redesigns the way CD and Vinyl jukebox labels are printed all in one simple package. It enables you to produce customised, attractive labels for your jukebox quickly and easily, regardless of the format.

You can download and evaluate Label Magic for free, but require an active subscription to print the labels you create. To purchase a subscription/renewal contact us. Once your purchase is complete you will receive an 'Activation Code' via email which will enable/renew your subscription.

Label Magic supports printing on to Sound Leisure’s pre-perforated Vinyl Jukebox labels or 1 part and 2 part CD title card labels. Alternatively you can print to plain heavyweight paper with the option to include handy cut marks to make trimming easy.

The standard card sizes for Sound Leisure Jukeboxes as sold above are as follows :

1 PART LABEL (CD) (h) 11.1CM (w) 7.5CM

2 PART LABEL (CD) (h) 11.4CM (w) 7.8CM

45 LABEL (VINYL) (h) 2.6CM (w) 7.6CM

Label Magic also supports the following Jukebox labels :

(w)75mm (h)118mm

RockOla (CD)
(w)73mm (h)118mm’

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