Dime Box remote selectors

  • Height: 340mm

  • Width: 320mm

  • Depth: 160mm

  • Weight: 5.6KG


AED 7,995.00

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Our Dime Box Remote Selectors allow you to select your records from the comfort of your kitchen worktop or even your diner booth.

Known as "dime boxes", in the 1950's and 1960's these chromed wonders sat on the bars of diners and in most seating booths. They allowed payment and selection of tracks from the jukebox without having to leave your milkshake!

The dime box has been lovingly recreated by Sound Leisure’s team of talented artisans. They are sand cast from metal which is then chrome plated and polished.

Up to ten dime boxes can be connected via CAT 5 cable directly to any of our range of vinyl Jukes. The labels are printed using the Label Magic software. The Dime Box can be operated by inserting coins or tokens or can be set to free-play. So, whether for commercial use or in your home, the dime box is the ultimate addition to our vinyl jukeboxes.

For commercial installations our digital server can provide the tunes without the need for a jukebox installation and it becomes possible to run more than 10 selectors using a hub. Please give us a call for more information.

Each Dime Box displays both the A & B sides of 50 records.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is custom built to order. This may affect your rights as a consumer. Please consult our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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