Bluetooth Receiver

  • Width = 95mm

  • Height = 30mm

  • Depth = 125mm

  • Weight =NA


AED 1,550.00

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Connect your Bluetooth device to your jukebox with Sound Leisure's retro fit receiver.

Sound Leisure's Bluetooth kit allows a wireless connection to be made from any compatible device to the jukebox. This simply means that you can connect any device that can transmit through a bluetooth connection. iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Windows phones and laptops can all wirelessly connect to the jukebox allowing your music to be controlled via your device and heard in fantastic quality through your jukebox.

The system is simple to setup and pair and once connected the sound quality is fantastic. We have developed this system inhouse to allow the finest quality interaction between the system and our amplifier.

GEMMProductions @ 2019